The Ground of the Metamorphic Technique

by Gaston Saint Pierre

What is the ground that Metamorphic Technique practitioners provide to their clients? Why, in the course of a session, do so many people go off, as it were, become absent, dreamy, feel as if they are in another world, "as if in a deep sleep and yet I was conscious of the light touch of your fingers on my feet" or again "my head became empty - I was here and yet not here"? The function of the Metamorphic Technique practitioners is to provide their clients with a ground entirely free from direction through their detachment. It is defined as noticing nothing but the facts, acknowledging their presence, (these facts may well be a pain, an emotion, a thought, a noise, the color of the light, the cause of a question, in short the inner and outer perception of the self, who the person is and what the facts are) without judgment, comparison or any mental evaluation, and letting these things be. This seems to inhibit the activities of the brain and to bring into balance its two hemispheres, the intellect taking a backseat so to speak.

By agreeing to receive a session people somewhat commit themselves to stop putting obstacles to the natural movement of their own transformation. This is true of the dying person, the stressed executive, people with learning disabilities, as well as with babies. These last two groups have an advantage in that their minds are not so active at controlling and preserving the status quo at all costs, and with babies the physical patterns are not yet set in matter. For us all this means that there seems to be easier access to this part of the brain that controls growth, development, healing, transformation and creativity. Intelligence takes over from the mind; consciousness and the living power of the person unite in deep communion.

A state of resonance is established between practitioner and client. The practitioner's mind, under control of his or her consciousness, is used only in the witnessing of the facts, kept in check so that intervention is absent. The client's mind may be very agitated, seemingly trying to find solutions to problems that most of the time were of its own making anyway. Faced with the peaceful mind of the practitioner and the expanded power of the consciousness, the unquiet mind calms down and the client's own power of life can act then creatively, the power no longer usurped by the mind!
It is as if their vibrations synchronize in a dance of forms, out of the old release pattern new patterns being woven in the tapestry of their lives.