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A warm welcome to the Middle Way

The Weg der Mitte (Middle Way) Non-Profit Foundation provides Competence Centres for profound, integrative Holistic Healing Methods, bridging East and West. In the Education and Healing Facilities you find a unique approach embracing natural healing at its finest. Our work is based on more than 47 years of extensive research, practical application and education in the following fields:

Healthy Living - Education - Social Care & Healing

You can find our Healing and Education Centres in Berlin/Germany and in the heart of Europe at the ancient former monastery Kloster Gerode, Eichsfeld-Südharz. We offer a wide range of educations, short and long term trainings, cures, workshops, treatments and more ...

Kloster Gerode is also the home of the
European College for Yoga and Therapy / ECYT
. Here an international team offers professional and comprehensive studies of
Benefit Yoga®
and Benefit Yoga®-Therapy.