The Miracle of the Gestation Period

By Gaston Saint-Pierre and Martina Reineke (midwife)

When we look at what is happening in the world at the moment, we realize that the true bombardment of information that come our way will have a great impact on the sensitivity of the young child. How best to prepare our children to cope with the upheavals, the extremely quick changes in technology, the constant exposure to new value systems and the challenges to the old ones specially through the media? The digital age demands a new approach in terms of consciousness from our children.

Prospective parents ask these questions and are becoming more aware of the importance of the prenatal experience for their future child. Is it possible to install a sense of security, of expectations, of curiosity, of wonder to the child in uterus? The increasing awareness of the long-term impact of prenatal experience on the new life can no longer be ignored. How to improve the contact between the parents and the unborn? Is there a way of affecting the relationships between the future parents so as to reduce the stresses the mother may encounter during pregnancy and birth?

The Metamorphic Technique brings answers to all these questions. It is a simple practice consisting in lightly touching specific parts of the feet, the hands and the head, found to reflect our own period of gestation, the time when all the characteristics with which we live our life were established. The stresses, constraints, traumas, emotions, feelings experienced by mother are held in the cellular memory of embryo and fetus. We have found that release can be brought about through the practitioner acting as a catalyst, remaining detached while loosening these structures. The power of life within the person transforms them, hence the word metamorphosis meaning “transmutation into a subtler substance”.

A couple have been trying to conceive for many years. They come to receive metamorphic sessions and are shown the practice so they may do it at home. They learn to relax together. A different level of consciousness comes about with the experience of the dissolving of patterns that prevented a free energy flow. The mother becomes pregnant.

Experience has shown that a mother receiving sessions in early pregnancy will find in herself a greater willingness to adapt to the tremendous …. in the pursuits of her life! There will be fewer instances of morning sickness if any at all. But if this happens the mother will find greater power in herself to cope with the situation.

Following the early period of pregnancy when the mother’s body undergoes tremendous psychological changes, there comes a greater security towards her intuitive abilities and a certainty about what is right for her, questioning in greater depth and clarity the various models of intervention. This inner authority will make her perceive the importance of time and ….. management as if the life force of the fetus and the mother were in greater contact and harmony. If the father has also been receiving sessions, there is a greater acceptance of his wife’s needs and above all an awareness of the importance of his role and the actual enactment of it within this new situation.

It is a joy to observe that when mothers arrive for a session, the jerky movements of the fetus very quickly diminish and stop altogether. During the session, there seems to be a response on the part of the fetus who starts stretching, taking up a greater space without causing pain to the mother. The mother’s womb moves like waves under the influences of the fetus’ seeming pleasure at experiencing the space and the boundaries around it.

During the last months of gestation, there may come fears at what the future holds in store, unquietness and excitement but underlying these feelings there is a sense of having the power to cope. Also the feeling of what it is like to be a mother becomes stronger, together with the joy of embracing this new role.

When the forces of nature begin to assert themselves more stronger at the onset of the birthing, we find in the mother a willingness to accompany in consciousness the workings of these forces within her body. There comes a very strong feeling that the life force of mother and child know to do the right thing at the right moment and midwives within that atmosphere seem to be instructed to act clearly, precisely and with economy of intervention. The innate intelligence leads the way.

We have noticed that babies whose mothers have received sessions in pregnancy are very present with clear gaze and will respond almost immediately to the presence of the midwife who has given the sessions, or to the voice. They are also much more in contact with their instinctual urges and in periods of stress will calm down very quickly as the mother or the practitioner start touching the feet, the hands or the head very lightly within the Metamorphic mode.

It is very satisfying for the father to be able to contribute to the well-being of both child and mother by giving sessions. A bonding is quickly established between the three people particularly and also with members of the family, the siblings … with each other to give sessions.