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Craniosacral Biodynamics

Both seminars include meditations, lecture, power point images, demonstrations and practical exercises, exchange sessions and group sharing.

Craniosacral Biodynamics I

Deepening into Biodynamics, The 3 Bodies, Primary Respiration and Healing Processes

  • Basic needs of Being and the Relational Field
  • Heart Centred Holding; Unconditional Acceptance at a Being level
  • The 2 settlings; Relational field and Holistic Shift
  • Orientation to Health; Resourcing
  • Three functions of Potency
  • Mid-Tide Healing Dynamics; Dr Becker’s 3 Stage Awareness
  • Long Tide as Ground of session work and initiator of Healing Processes
  • Dynamic Stillness; The Ground of Emergence
  • Biodynamic orientation to session work
  • Basic resourcing and verbal skills
  • The Inherent Treatment Plan
  • Basic biodynamic concepts
    • The Breath of Life
    • Dynamic Stillness
    • Primary Respiration
    • The three bodies
    • Levels of Perception
      • CRI
      • Mid Tide 
      • Long Tide




Craniosacral Biodynamics II

The Long Tide, Bioelectric Ordering Field and The Primal and Fluid Midlines

The Fluid Body and Fluid Midline; Holistic Shift as a return to the fluid embryo state
Augmentation of potency within the fluid midline via inhalation stillpoint
Review: The 3 functions of potency, ITP and Dr. Becker’s 3 healing stages, SOB as a gateway to the healing function of potency

  • Fulcrums demo with sheet:
    • Automatic shifting/natural midline fulcrums
    • Inertial fulcrums
    • ITP and Dr.B’s 3 stages
  • Exercise with scarfs to listen for fulcrums
  • Augmentation of the expression of potency in space
  • The Primal Midline; Early embryology and the notochord, embryo folding
  • Exercise to sense primal ML from shoulders
  • Working with the vertebral axis, augmentation of potency in areas of density
  • The Stress Response, neck and orienting response
  • The significance of the midline
  • Embryonic midline development
  • Biodynamic fields, formative forces and primal midline
  • Basic biodynamic orientation to session work
  • Basic resourcing and emotional enquiry
  • ITP unfolds
  • The Three Bodies
  • Three Body Chi Kung
  • Levels of Perception in Biodynamics
    • CRI
    • Mid-Tide
    • Long Tide
  • Quick Clinical Reference Guide: Dr. Becker’s Three Step Healing Awareness
  • Three Midlines Image
  • Review: Stages of the Stress Response