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Fulcrum of Being

Ort: Berlin
Dozent(en): Giorgia Milne
Preis: € 500,- (€ 480,- bis 8 Wochen vor Beginn)
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Fulcrum of Being

“You are your most you at the moment of conception. Everything after that is a differentiation.”
Erich Blechschmidt, M.D. Embryologist

Embryogenesis and the concept of fulcrums are inherent to one another. Experientially understanding their essence individually and together offers a doorway into the spirit~matter of existence, and the non-separate nature of Being-ness. Directly sensing the power and creative force at the heart of every fulcrum, and of embryogenesis itself, is to be at the transmutative edge of development and evolution. The resulting paradigm shift in our perceptual capacity, disposition, and outlook in turn leads to a more harmonious way of living and being, where we abide as our authentic selves with each other and the world around us.

“The fulcrum of the whole is the Whole.”
James Jealous, DO

This embodied and integrated paradigm shift, when applied through touch, regardless of the modality, opens the portal to Health as Wholeness. These principles then apply to everyday life.

"A paradigm shift occurred in the Osteopathic profession when Sutherland asked Osteopaths to consider that the power for functioning is at or in the fulcrum, and not at the ends of the lever."
Bonnie Gintis, DO

In the process of alchemy or transmutation, the original form returns to its origin - its fundamental parts - and then reconstitutes or re-forms into a higher form. It becomes something of a higher order.

"One has to see that in any process of paradigm change, arguments and controversy are inevitable. You can't change the paradigm without people seeing how the argument is played out."

Join us in this exploration of our creative origin, and rest in its inherent health and wellbeing.
Prerequisite for participation for this seminar is a basic knowledge of Craniosacral Therapy.