European College for Yoga and Therapie – Kloster Gerode

Target Groups

What is your benefit in studying at ECYT?

ECYT is open to everyone who is interested in Yoga and Therapy. Whether you are already teaching Yoga or wish to deepen your sadhana, your own Yoga practice, or whether you have just been introduced to Yoga - ECYT offers programs for all levels. Students at ECYT represent a wide variety of life experiences, age groups and cultural backgrounds.

Prerequisites are required for those seeking advanced training (see respective participation requirements). Depending on what your main interests are, your wish for intensity and your previous training, you can choose and design your own study programs.

In a non-competitive atmosphere the students can dedicate themselves to the physical, emotional-feeling, mental and spiritual aspects of their studies in Yoga and in different therapeutic methods exploring the different teaching modalities in their variety and depth.

ECYT teaches an alive Yoga practice that cannot be learned in this way out of books or from videos.

In order to more deeply explore Yoga, one needs a dynamic structure and qualified teachers who teach students according to their level of understanding and their interests. The higher the expectations of the student, the more commitment and the more teaching and training through qualified Yoga Teachers is necessary.

This means that you first need to determine your aims if you are interested in Yoga and Yoga Therapy, and what you wish to attain or explore. What are you looking for?