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Ort: Kloster Gerode
Dozent(en): Dr. Manmath M. Gharote, Heidemarie Kneisner
Preis: € 210,-
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The Necklace of Hatha Yoga

Series: Unknown Treasures of Hatha Yoga

Hatharatnavali is an important yet hardly known text of Hatha Yoga written by Shrinivasa, originating between 1625 and 1695 AD.

Although inspired by Svatmarama's Hatha Pradipika, Shrinivasa criticises him on some points, gives additional aspects, and attributes certain therapeutical effects to various Yogic practices.

Thus he gives elaborate descriptions of eight purification processes, called ashtakarmas, in place of the usual six (shatkarmas). Here it is very interesting to note, that he describes how different karmas purify specific cakras.

He further describes mudras and kumbhakas (pranayama) and discusses their importance, technique and effects. He also gives a list of 84 asanas with some unusual variations, explaining the techniques of 36 asanas.

Under the issue of Raja Yoga the author specifies niyamas for the mind (manasa niyamas) and the body / physical level (kayika niyamas) in place of the usual yamas and niyamas. He then deals with samadhi and nadanusandhana, four states of progress in Yoga, and the experiences during each of these states, and some energetical aspects including an elaborate description of 14 nadis.

The treatise ends with a short yet very interesting discussion of philosophical statements from different sources like Sutasamhita, Visnupurana, Bhagavadgita and different schools of philosophy such as Nyaya, Samkhya, and Advaita.

For all who practice and/or study Yoga, this seminar offers the opportunity - for the first time in Germany - to gain insight into this reference text provided by an expert in the field of traditional Yoga.
During the seminar, Benefit Yoga® practice sessions including working with body, breath and awareness will complement the lectures, contributing to their integration and a balanced holistic experience according to the teaching method developed and applied at ECYT: Integrative Learning™.