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Zukünftige Termine


Ort: Kloster Gerode
Dozent(en): Dr. Manmath M. Gharote, Heidemarie Kneisner
Preis: € 210,-
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An Unknown Treasure of Wisdom

Yoga-Upanishads are hardly known up to now in the West. For the first time in German-speaking countries, a seminar on the Yoga-Upanishads is taking place at the European College for Yoga and Therapy at Kloster Gerode.

The set of twenty Yoga-Upanishads recommend the path and the techniques of Hatha and Raja Yoga to take one to the Truth that is impersonal and is therefore known as Eternal and Absolute. This is in stark contrast with generally circulated views that Yoga is dualistic and Advaita non-dualistic and that they therefore do not meet at any point. General notion about the Hatha Yoga practices is that they are to be performed only for the physical well being. The Yoga-Upanishads break this misgiving and re-establish the path of integration that Yoga really is.

All the Hatha Yoga practices are based on the Upanishadic view, and these practices throw the light on how to transform an aspirant to the higher practices through physical application.

In the seminar an overview over all 20 Yoga-Upanishads will be given and several aspects will be dealt with in theory and practice. Among these are the meaning of OM and the practice of OM recitation, techniques for stabilizing the mind and Yogic practices to enhance a blissful state and inner peace. Benefit Yoga® practice will be an integral part of the seminar.