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Yoga Cikitsa Graduate Study for Yoga Teachers I - IV

Benefit Yoga®. Holistic – intertraditional – practice oriented

Required qualification

  • successful completion of a Yoga Teacher Education (incl. post graduate trainings min. 500 hours)
  • experience in teaching Yoga to beginner, intermediate, and advanced students for a couple of years
  • participation in at least two Benefit Yoga® seminars at Kloster Gerode
  • written application stating your motivation and your personal aims for wanting to participate. Please ask for further information.

Level I

Introduction to the Principles of Benefit Yoga® Therapy / Yoga Cikitsa

Benefit Yoga® Therapy is a complementary approach to health and healing that is being successfully applied at Weg der Mitte  and the European College for Yoga and Therapy ECYT since more than 47 years in working with prevention, treatments and rehabilitation.

Benefit Yoga® Therapy is based on Ayurveda and the five principles of healing in the Yogic tradition: the principle of adequacy in nutrition, relaxation, practice of Asana, breathing, thinking and meditation.

What is adequate can only be determined individually. That is why in Benefit Yoga® Therapy we start from the personal motivation and the individual goal of the client/patient considering his/her constitution, disposition, situation in life as well as the specific symptoms when developing a therapy plan.

When applying Yoga Therapy and individual treatment / guidance in Yoga, we as therapists resp. "therapists in progress" are asked to reflect upon and deepen our understanding of health and illness and how to be able to use Yoga in our personal practice to gain wellbeing and clarity. Really being able to guide other people through deep processes is possible only based on ones own thorough education and experience.

Please apply for further information:




Kloster Gerode, Thuringia: 0049-36072 - 82 00

Berlin: 0049-30 - 813 10 40



Co-operation with Hospitals, Health Institutes, Organisations and Universities, etc.:

  • Lonavla Yoga and Research Institute, India
  • Samata International, USA
  • International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), USA
  • Advanced courses in naturopathy for physiotherapists, ergotherapists and nurses in Berlin hospitals (Charité Universitätsmedizin, Vivantes Klinikum, St. Josef-Krankenhaus, Waldkrankenhaus Spandau) and training centers for people in healing professions (Wannsee Academy Berlin, Diakonische Werke Hanover)


Weg der Mitte is member of:

  • EUYT European Union for Yoga and Therapy / Europäischer Fachverband für Yoga und Therapie
  • International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), USA
  • AGETHUR Landesvereinigung für Gesundheitsheitsförderung (Agency for Health Promotion in Thuringia)
  • Gesellschaft für biologische Krebsabwehr GfBK (Society for Biological Cancer Defence)
  • Fördergemeinschaft / Sponsorship of the Karl und Veronika Carstens-Foundation „Natur und Medizin“ (Nature and Medicine)