European College for Yoga and Therapie – Kloster Gerode

Umbrella Foundation of the College: Weg der Mitte

Weg der Mitte - The Middle Way - has been founded in Berlin in 1977 by Daya Mullins, Ph.D., M.S.C.. It is an independent Non-Profit Foundation for Holistic Medicine, Health, Education and Social Services. The Foundation established the first health and healing center in Berlin, and also runs a country-side health education and healing center, the former Benedictine monastery Kloster Gerode. Kloster Gerode is located in Thuringia in the heart of Germany, and is also the home of ECYT - the European College for Yoga and Therapy.

Weg der Mitte - our name symbolizes the aim to go beyond duality and polarization and to deepen individual understanding and peace relation with others. Weg der Mitte is interdenominational and respects cultural and religious values of all traditions.

Over the years there has formed an inter-disciplinary team of about 100 staff members plus volunteers, including our international team members, with medical doctors, healing practitioners, psychologists, herbalists, homoeopaths, social workers, Yoga teachers, body therapists and others. In addition, we welcome several international guest teachers. We are developing, teaching and implementing health enhancing strategies leading to inner harmony and self-empowerment as well as to personal and professional development without being limited by any particular dogma.

The work of Weg der Mitte is based upon the following four pillars:

Healthy living – Health Education – HealingSocial Care

The overall intention of the work of the Foundation is to support people holistically (including physical, emotional, mental as well as social and environmental aspects) thus contributing to local and global health. Within the context of the Social Services we offer a comprehensive support system for families. In the Naturopathic Practices the patients/clients are treated individually in a holistic way. Our Benefit Cures® provide effective prevention, alleviate existing dysfunctions and offer practical application modalities for the patients/ clients to continue at home. 

The aims of Weg der Mitte are in line with the Ottawa Charta (WHO 1986), the Agenda 2030 and the Jakarta Declaration (1997) as regards the enhancement of individual, regional and global health and peace, as well as with the Charter of Rights for People in Need of Long-Term Care and Assistance (Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, Germany 2007).

Since 1977 Integrative Learning™ is an important aspect of Weg der Mitte's teaching structure. With the highest mindfulness possible in an atmosphere that supports the harmonious integration of all levels of man, teachers and students work with medical, social, philosophical and spiritual studies as well as practical projects.

Weg der Mitte was the first health center in Germany to utilize a combination of Natural Medicine and Yoga Science in healing. Our work is based on the combination of more than 47 years of research and practical application of Yoga as a Healing Science in the work with patients, clients and participants as well as in educations und study programs, the application of Eastern and Western natural healing methods, and the understanding of and respect for the interconnectedness of life.

At our health centers Benefit Yoga® with its unique approach, including Benefit Yoga® Therapy, is applied as a powerful method of health care, as a means for rediscovering your health potential and for self-realization. Benefit Yoga® means practising Yoga from a spiritual attitude offering self-discovery and deeper spiritual clarity. It is space and heart, a door to be entered to find a more healthy and balanced way of life for yourself. At Weg der Mitte and ECYT you can find the full range of Yoga: from beginner classes to one on one sessions, from Yoga Teacher Educations to Yoga Therapy Study Programs and further Post Graduate Studies.

We also offer therapeutic help and holstic health management in our PEP / Patient Education Programs, cures and individual Benefit Yoga® Therapy sessions.  The holistic health enhancing strategies support self enquiry, balance of body and mind and spiritual harmony.

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  1. Daya Mullins, Ph.D., M.S.C, President
Berlin: Anke Clausen, Uwe Fischer
Gerode: Anke Clausen, Anna E. Impekoven