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The European College for Yoga and Therapy ECYT, under the umbrella of the Weg der Mitte Non-Profit Foundation for Holistic Medicine, Health, Education and Social Services, is working in the fields of Yoga Science, Naturopathy, Allopathy and Therapy. It is also contributing - according to Weg der Mitte's aims - to individual, regional and global health and peace.

Benefit Yoga®, developed by Dr. Daya Mullins is a Registered Trademark in Europe and the USA. It is being applied since 50 years working holistically and individually with clients, patients and participants in seminars, educations and one-on-one sessions. It is based on authentic Yoga, adapted to the needs of people in the West.

Benefit Yoga® means practising Yoga from a spiritual inner understanding offering self-discovery and deeper spiritual clarity. Its main pillars are mindfulness, harmonizing body, breath and mind – based on the natural flow of breath – and self-empowerment. The Yoga Asanas – regardless if experienced bodily, emotionally or mentally - are serving as a path to inner calmness, to healing and to self-discovery.

Benefit Yoga® is more than physical exercises. It is space and heart, a door to be entered to find a more healthy and balanced way of life for yourself. On the level of the mind it may lead to clarity and insight. It is also a perfect method that is applied for Senior Studies at the ECYT.

ECYT is offering the full range of Yoga: from beginner classes to one-on-one sessions, from Benefit Yoga® Teacher Educations to Benefit Yoga® Therapy Study Programs and further Post Graduate Studies. The intertraditional and integral Yoga curriculum combines the wisdom of Eastern and Western traditions with academic studies, humanistic psychology, Ayurveda, medicine/natural healing sciences and meditation. You can gain first-hand experience, exploring your personal processes in an innovative and supporting atmosphere.

At Weg der Mitte in Berlin-Zehlendorf and at Kloster Gerode, Thuringia, with its charming surroundings in the heart of Germany, we invite you to participate in comprehensive studies to deeply explore Yoga, Health and Healing. You can take part in the intertraditional study programs or seminars exploring Yoga and holistic health in depth or starting step by step...


ECYT is committed to the highest quality in education
and deeply connected to authentic Yoga. Studying at ECYT is an effective means for personal development, health and professional competence.

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