European College for Yoga and Therapie – Kloster Gerode

Benefit Yoga®

Benefit Yoga® seminars, evening classes, Meditation Retreats and Benefit Yoga® Educations, Benefit Yoga® Therapy Studies, Post Graduate Studies as well as wellness, relaxation days and Yoga holidays in Berlin and at Kloster Gerode are open to English speaking participants. Our holistic medicine practices also welcome English speaking clients.

At the Weg der Mitte Health, Education and Healing Centers in Berlin and Kloster Gerode, Thuringia, as well as at the European College for Yoga and Therapy we offer Benefit Yoga® and Benefit Yoga® Therapy as a powerful methods of Health Care and a means for rediscovering a person's potential.

In 1977, we were the first healing facility in Europe to utilize Yoga Science (in the form of Yoga Teacher Educations and Yoga Therapy Study Programs) and natural medicine in healing.

Dr. Daya Mullins has researched in, practised and taught Yoga for more than 50 years. She created the Benefit Yoga®-Method®, firmly grounded in authentic Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, and the understanding of and respect for the interconnectedness of life. Benefit Yoga® and Benefit Yoga®-Therapy are being applied by her and her international team working with clients and patients in sessions individually and holistically as well as in courses and educations.

Benefit Yoga® is a pioneer and leading method in educating Benefit Yoga® Teachers and Benefit Yoga® Therapists.

In our multidimensional work we emphasize a holistic approach, which is the very nature of Yoga. It is thus of major importance that the teachers and therapists who practise Benefit Yoga® have a thorough education in and profound understanding of the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of Yoga, Ayurveda and biomedical science, and as well of the energy-based teaching leading to meditation and Yoga’s spiritual dimensions.

Benefit Yoga®is committed to the great Yoga traditions and contemporarily Western-oriented

It is intertraditional and offers a holistic understanding of Yoga and health. That means a balance between the inner and the outer, between self- perception and perception of others. Benefit Yoga® supports the equilibrium between instinct, emotion and intellect through practising mindfulness and Self-acceptance.

Benefit Yoga® signifies:

Self-study, mindfulness, precision in the implementation of Asanas, appropriateness of application, observation of the free flow of breath, harmonizing body, mind and breath as well as an ability to distinguish between the essential and the non-essential - are the main pillars of Benefit Yoga® serving as a path to inner calmness, to healing and to self-discovery. Through application of mindfulness and concentration you learn to highten self-awareness. Here the Asanas, the body postures, are an important foundation allowing us the direct experience of being in the here and now. They are imparted step by step in order to make tension patterns perceivable and to transform them into health enhancing behaviour. Other aspects like anatomy, intentional relaxation, meditation, Yoga psychology and philosophy are part of the classes and illustrate the manifold levels of  Benefit Yoga®. Most important is learning through one's own experience – and application in daily life.


We are offering you a wide range of courses and seminars for all ages and all levels

(see menue item "Benefit Yoga®"), working integratively with Benefit Yoga®and Benefit Yoga® Therapy on different levels:

  • On-going Benefit Yoga® classes
  • Benefit Yoga®seminars for beginner, intermediate and advanced students
  • Benefit Yoga® and meditation retreats
  • Yoga holidays
  • Individual Benefit Yoga® and Benefit Yoga®-Therapy sessions
  • Patient Education Programs (PEP) conducted in conjunction with patients with tinnitus, rheumatic illness, heart disease and other ailments, where the core teaching is Benefit Yoga®-Therapy
  • 6 prolonged weekends: Deepening Levels of Benefit Yoga®

In class your individual needs are being considered - you can experience the health enhancing effects of Benefit Yoga®according to your physical abilities and to your personal aims.

At the European College for Yoga and Therapy ECYT you can choose short and long term study programs:

  • Benefit Yoga® Teacher Educations, 4 1/2 years
  • Post Graduate Studies for Yoga Teachers
  • Extended Benefit Yoga®Therapy Study Program Level I - IV
  • Postgraduate study of Benefit Yoga® Therapy
  • International quality circle for Benefit Yoga® Teachers and Benefit Yoga® Therapists

The study programs are being held by our experienced Benefit Yoga® Teacher- and Benefit Yoga®Therapist-Team all having the Benefit Yoga® or WdM diploma and the EUYT diploma (European Union for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists). International Yoga teachers from India, Europe, the United States and Canada are regularly joining the staff.


Yoga Therapy at its finest