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Acidity Elimination Therapy® (Azidose Therapy) - Detox yourself!

How to Restore the Acid-Base Balance

When acidity builds up in the tissue over decades, it can contribute to chronic pain and illnesses such as: arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and diabetes. However, even these advanced conditions can be relieved by acidity reduction.

Hyperacidity is caused primarily: by unhealthy eating habits, in particular the consumption of a high proportion of acid-creating foods and beverages; by aging, including metabolic changes and hormonal changes such as in menopause, and by stress on all levels.

Acidic tolerance varies from person to person, depending on the nature of the metabolic system. As more acid is produced than can be handled by the organs of elimination (lungs, kidneys, intestines, skin), the fluid in the connective tissue becomes more and more acid. This can actually be felt during massage. At some point the acid level in the tissue may rise so high that the organs have to compensate by working harder to prevent or eliminate any increase in the blood's acid-level. This puts stress on the organs and the immune system, and can result in recurring inflammations and infections.

Our many years of experience have demonstrated that healing can only occur when we regain contact with our own body, and when our mind and emotions become harmonized. In the programs you can learn to relax, let go, and monitor yourself on all levels. When there is deep relaxation, powers of self- healing are increased, and new vitality can rise to the surface from deep inside. A new, free and natural flow is developing, along with a harmonious relationship with oneself.

In the healing process it is important to be conscious of and to embrace the moment. Our inner intelligence will show us what is important for our own healing. It is in the nature of the body, mind, and spirit to constantly work to restore inner balance. For this to occur, we need to watch closely what our body, and indeed what our whole life tells us to omit, and what we really lack. This is our challenge!


Weg der Mitte ("The Middle Way") is a Non-Profit Foundation for Hollistic Medicine, Health, Education and Social Services, founded 1977 in Berlin. The Foundation also runs the Holistic Health and Healing Center Kloster Gerode near the Harz Mountains in Germany which is also the home for the European College for Yoga and Therapy (ECYT). This centre offers 10-days therapeutic and educational programs which stimulate and accelerate an immediate reduction in acid levels by

  • reducing the intake of acid-creating foods and beverages
  • specially designed lymphatic and connective tissue massages (Detox-Massage®)
  • specially designed body movement therapies
  • techniques for reducing tension, relieving stress and promoting relaxation.

The programs also provide practical lifestyle training which can then be applied individually for managing acid levels at home on a day-to-day basis.

Since Weg der Mitte's approach to holistic health embraces all levels -- physical, emotional, mental, spiritual as well as social - there will be opportunities to be counselled at any of these levels. It is our experience that work at any of these levels can promote healing at other levels.

The Acidity Therapy was founded by Dr. med. R. Collier, and further developed by Dr. Daya Mullins, Reimund Grewe and the staff of Weg der Mitte Foundation.

For further information please call: 0049-36072-8200.